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About Us

About Konrad's Mobiles

Way back in 1997, when online commerce was a helpless little newborn, a fellow named Konrad Bouffard fashioned together a website to sell some kinetic artwork he had created. Gradually, he added several artists to the mix, and it steadily grew into the web's premier online kinetic art gallery. Although Konrad (the man) has moved on to other ventures, Konrad's (the website) continues to thrive an equally obsessed set of mobile art fanatics.

Over the past 16 years, we've supplied mobiles to thousands of art enthusiasts—from individuals to non-profit organizations to corporations. Our one-of-a-kind commissioned works hang in schools, libraries, recreation centers, convention halls, corporate lobbies, and, yes, living rooms. Our works range from compact desktop pieces to impressive 40-foot-long structures.

At Konrad's, we strive to provide what YOU want. We bring the world's most talented group of kinetic artists into one community so you can choose from a diverse range of talents, styles, and artistic personalities.

Enjoy exploring our site. You can view everything in our collection or browse by artist, style, or budget. Or in our commissions section, view samples or works commissioned by our creative pool of artists. Then, let your imagination run wild—we'll create what you want! Our large custom hanging mobiles, kinetic sculptures, and ceiling sculptures hang around the world.

To view an even wider range of modern mobiles, baby mobiles, and large custom mobiles, visit our sister website at Hanging Mobile Gallery.

Please contact us at mobiles@konrads.com.


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